Why Francis Is Attempting to Cancel Cardinal Burke

Why Francis Is Attempting to Cancel Cardinal Burke

Michael Matt

6 months

Full video: https://remnant-tv.com/video/1027/francis-fatigue-even-argentina-s-had-enough?channelName=RemnantTV 

Apparently, it's true. First Strickland, now Cardinal Burke (who is indeed being kicked out of his apartment and losing his salary).

So, who's next up on the Pope of Mercy's chopping block? Once he is done cancelling faithful prelates who offer hierarchical cover to pro-life, pro-family, pro-tradition hardliners, Francis will be free to hand us all over to the New Gestapo. And the way he will do this is by simply designating faithful Catholics as "dangerous extremists" who have forfeited any right to protection or "religious exemption" under the law of their own Church. That's why he had to get rid of diocesan TLM parishes, too. Forced isolation is key to lending plausibility to the charge that faithful Catholics are a "dangerous cult". Gotta love this guy!

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