FRANCIS KNOWS BEST: Blessing Gay Unions is Already a Done Deal

FRANCIS KNOWS BEST: Blessing Gay Unions is Already a Done Deal

Michael Matt

6 months

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In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael Matt takes a look at the ramifications of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s conclusion that the FBI views pro-life, pro-family traditional Catholics as “possible domestic terrorists.” 

Here’s the bigger problem: Pope Francis is carrying water for the FBI. How so? Watch and see.

 Plus, to bless gay unions or not to bless gay unions. That is the question. Trouble is, Pope Francis has already done it. Michael takes a deep dive into the film, “Francesco” – the documentary that rips the mask off the Francis pontificate. How so? Watch and see. (HINT: Father James Martin got it EXACTLY right.)

This may well be the most dangerous moment (for souls) in the history of Christianity. Is the Vatican abolishing the very notion of sin and the Bible-based foundations of Christian moral theology?

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