TABLE TALK! (Michael Matt’s Message to His Protestant Friends)

TABLE TALK! (Michael Matt’s Message to His Protestant Friends)

Michael Matt

4 months

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Michael Matt takes a few minutes off to personally address complaints and concerns of the many non-Catholic viewers of Remnant TV.  Citing a collection of personal letters written by his great-grandfather – a convert from Lutheranism – to his Protestant friend, Michael explains why his great-grandfather converted to the Catholic Faith and how that conversion story is more relevant today, perhaps, than when it was written one hundred and thirty years ago.

This video will be of special interest to non-Catholics, of course, since it addresses their chief criticisms of Catholicism. It will also be of interest to Catholics who wish to develop a more complete understanding of how the pre-Vatican II Catholic Church was regarded by non-Catholics a long time ago. Team Francis claims that the Catholic Church of the past was rigid and lacked compassion for those on the peripheries. But Michael Matt’s great-grandfather’s personal letters put the lie to this. After all, why would so many great men of letters – Oscar Wilde, Evelyn Waugh, Malcolm Muggeridge, G.K. Chesterton, Charles Peguy, and Hugo Klapproth – have converted to a “rigid and “neo-Pelagianism” religion that lacked any serious compassion for “the other”, i.e., immigrants and those living on the peripheries?

This video offers a charitable invitation to non-Catholics to consider the patient apologia of a former Lutheran – and a prominent member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod – who went on to become an outspoken defender of the Roman Catholic Church.  How? Why? What about “statue worship,” “Mary worship,” the “non-Biblical roots” of Purgatory and the Sacrament of Confession?  It’s all covered here and with loving compassion of one old friend to another.

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