Michael Matt

4 years

Discarded Covid19 masks are washing up on beaches and threatening the planet's ecosystem. Now, what?

From the Editor's Desk, Michael J. Matt discusses anti-Catholic bigotry in America from colonial times through the Know Nothings and down into the 1960s. He asks why, when it comes to race and religious bigotry, is America moving back into a nineteenth century, almost as if the Civil Rights movement never happened.

in 2016, Michael Jordan said America was a great country that provided tremendous opportunity to him as a black man. in 2020,  Colin Kaeppernick says America is so terrible that even the 4th of July is a "celebration of white supremacy." What happened?

Plus, Michael examines a bizarre statement from a Catholic Charities leader who insists he's a racist, Catholic Charities USA is racist and the Catholic Church herself is racist to the core. If this is true, why would any Catholic be expected to donate to Catholic Charities ever again? Defund Catholic Charities, USA!

And, finally, Pope Francis was going to canonize Queen Isabella of Spain and he already has canonized Father Junipero Serra. Statues of both have now been pulled down and smashed in the capital of California. Will Francis defend either one, or will he continue to support the organization that is taking the statues down?

CALL TO ACTION:  Michael calls for RTV followers to join the League of the Sacred Heart and to put the defense of the Catholic Church and the United States of America first in the next presidential election.

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