ONE-TERMING TRUMP: W.H.O.'s Behind the Mask?

ONE-TERMING TRUMP: W.H.O.'s Behind the Mask?

Michael Matt

3 years

With the election just two months out, Michael J. Matt takes a look at good news and bad:

- Trump Fever sweeps the nation, but is it too little too late?

- Will schools be reopening for in-person instruction?

- Was the Davos Great Reset meeting in January cancelled?

-  Good news from Bill Gates (HINT: AOC is going to HATE this!)

- Dr. Birx on in-person voting: Shut up, Nancy!

- The CDC changes testing guidelines (Was Trump right all along?) 

- Sturgis Motorcycle Rally: Was it really a "super spreader"?

- How the RNC shut Christian Never Trumpers up for good.

- Pope Francis wants everyone vaccinated?

- If Covid deaths flatline, is it back to the Old Normal?

Has the globalist enterprise 'jumped the shark', or is it right on schedule?  You decide. . .

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