CANCELLING the JUSTICE: Do Catholics Worship Mary, does Equality Act mean PERSECUTION?

CANCELLING the JUSTICE: Do Catholics Worship Mary, does Equality Act mean PERSECUTION?

Michael Matt

3 years

In this episode of The Editor’s Desk, Michael J. Matt discusses the Equality Act and its ramifications for the coming persecution of Christianity in America. Is it possible for conservative, patriotic Catholics and Protestants to make a defensive stand together, or will they let 500-year-old squabbles over “statue worship” and the “idolatry of Mary” stand in the way? What do Catholics really believe, and how does that differ from the old black legends? Michael speaks directly to Protestants.

Plus: • Donald J. Trump’s first speech vs. President Joe Biden’s worsening gaffes.

• As the nation loses confidence in Joe Biden, is “President” Kamala Harris waiting in the wing? (Michael Matt says no, this has nothing to do with Vice President Harris.)

• YouTube takes down another RTV video. Which one, and why?

• Why did Amazon Prime cancel the Justice Clarence Thomas documentary in the middle of Black History Month? • What does Justice Thomas think of the Rosary?

• What does Justice Thomas, the Catholic, actually believe, and is that why he’s being cancelled?

• Michael offers his Protestant friends a detailed explanation of what Catholics believe about Mary the Virgin Mother of Jesus.

Watch Justice Clarence Thomas’ 2017 Christendom College commencement address: Stay Connected to RTV.

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