VAX ‘n’ CHIPS: Boomers Stayin’ Safe is the New Normal

VAX ‘n’ CHIPS: Boomers Stayin’ Safe is the New Normal

Michael Matt

3 years

From the Editor’s Desk, Michael J. Matt asks tough questions:

• Why does the Old Normal show no signs of returning, even though the vaccines are finally here?

• Wasn’t the point of masks and social distancing to flatten the curve and slow the spread until the vaccines were ready?

• Why does Dr. Fauci want us to keep wearing masks indefinitely?

• Whatever happened to all those ventilators Donald Trump manufactured by the millions last year? Were they ever used? Where did all the ventilators go?

• New York’s Andy Cuomo introduces a Vaccination Passport app that will allow people to go back to Broadway shows, but wouldn’t it be better to surgically insert microchips to keep us all even safer?

• Is Senator Rand Paul, the libertarian, onto something when he defends vaccination so long as it’s not mandatory? Isn’t that what Operation Warp Speed was all about, to provide the vaccine option so that the country go back to the Old Normal?

• Can Catholic Poland break through the mainstream media propaganda that “patriotism” and “Christianity” in Poland are just codewords for “racism” and “white supremacy”?

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