THE CLANS UNITE: Courageous Diocesan Priest Takes a Stand

THE CLANS UNITE: Courageous Diocesan Priest Takes a Stand

Michael Matt

2 years

In this Sunday Sermon from South Saint Paul, Father addresses a major point of division that has divided serious Catholics for the past 30 years. Rather than pushing his own agenda or insisting that it's his way or the highway, Father encourages Catholics from all camps to unite, if not physically, in the same places of worship, then at least in spirit as one united force against the builders of a diabolical New World Order.

Father is here encouraging a commitment not just to our way or to our parish or chapel, but rather to the larger cause of defending the worldwide resistance movement against the forces of Modernism and Secularism who are at war with Christianity as a whole.

Uniting the Clans is something we can all do right now. Our priests may have different strategic approaches but, at the end of the day, lay Catholics can immediately lay down their arms against each other and turn their efforts against those who would eradicate Tradition from the face of the earth.

We hope Father's message will be embraced and shared by all those who are dedicated to Christ and opposed to the chaos that results from the absence of Christ in the modern world.

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