EXPELLING THE FSSP: French Bishop Follows Pope's Lead

EXPELLING THE FSSP: French Bishop Follows Pope's Lead

Michael Matt

3 years

As YouTube continues to harass RTV--actually pulling videos down now and barring us from posting new ones for the next week--we're offering this short video on Remnant-TV.com exclusively.

Rumors out of Rome have it that Pope Francis may move against Summorum Pontificum as soon as tomorrow morning.  I believe this short clip will help us gear up for the resistance that will be required, and since it is a short clip, it's easily shared between friends and family on the eve of this foreboding event. 

Please spread the word: From now on, all RTV Sermons will here on RTV only and we will be posting our Editor's Desk program in its entirety here on RTV, along with an edited (if needs be) version posted on YouTube until they throw us off.

For us it's an honor to be persecuted by Big Tech. So knock yourselves out, YouTube!

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