WORLD VACCINATION: Michael Matt on the Kennedy Connection

WORLD VACCINATION: Michael Matt on the Kennedy Connection

Michael Matt

2 years

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Biden's six-pronged "attack" on COVID... here's what's really going on. 

In this “A Video from YouTube Jail”, Michael J. Matt discusses the YouTube-Free future of Remnant TV.

Why is Big Tech trying to cancel us, unless it’s because we’re speaking truth and they can’t handle the truth?

Plus, Michael shows a heartbreaking clip from an appeal made by Mr. and Mrs. Smit, an Australian couple whose daughter was just sent to prison for standing up against COVID lockdowns. Monica Smit is now the only political prisoner on Australian soil. And for WHAT?! By the way, Michael also points out that Monica Smit is a traditional Catholic who is a big promoter of the Christus Rex Pilgrimage in Australia.

Michael closes out his show by turning it over to Robert F. Kennedy, whose latest talk rips the mask off the COVIDIACS and exposes them as the same globalist madmen who were behind the military industrial complex 60 years ago.

This one’s not for the faint of heart. If you can’t handle the awful truth of what’s really going on here, you may wish to go back to YouTube where you’ll be safely shielded from all of it.

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