TO HELL with GLOBALISM: United We Stand, One Nation, Under God

TO HELL with GLOBALISM: United We Stand, One Nation, Under God

Michael Matt

3 years

Now is the time for all Christians to come to the aid of their countries under globalist siege. 

Here in America, we know that our country is far from perfect. She needs desperately to turn back to God. But we will not give up on her, especially now when she's burning and being betrayed from within.

This RTV Short by Michael J. Matt attempts to make the point that patriotism is a virtue and that God, in His providence,  saw to it that we were born during this time in history for a reason.

Whether we're living in America or in some other formerly Christian country, we cannot abandon the land of our birth. We cannot give up on our hearth and our home---the place where we were born and where we attempt to live out our lives as children of God.

Rather, we stand and fight,  reminding our countrymen of what we once were -- warts and all -- and what we might become again, if we have the courage to stand together as one nation under God.

Let us never forget what we once were and what we can be again. And, by the way, to hell with globalism!

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