WITHSTAND FRANCIS PUBLICLY: Catholic Priest Calls Bishops to Resist Pope

WITHSTAND FRANCIS PUBLICLY: Catholic Priest Calls Bishops to Resist Pope

Michael Matt

2 years

Vatican Journalist Diane Montagna Interviews Courageous Catholic Priest at RemnantNewspaepr.com

Here's an excerpt from The Remnant interview:

Fr. Mawdsley, why did you make this video?

Because if we do not speak the obvious truth then truth will die in us. Pope Francis, Archbishop Roche, Cardinal Cupich, and many other bishops are acting illegally in attempting to suffocate tradition. They are betraying the mission which Jesus gave to the Church. It would be wonderful if they were so surprised by the strength of resistance that they reconsidered and repented. But their reaction is not the priority. More important is that priests speak the truth without fear, otherwise we have nothing left. The flock is starving. And as all generations before us have passed on the Deposit of Faith, so for the sake of future generations we must not drop the ball. Or we must recover it. Without Tradition there is no future. And most importantly, for God’s glory. Those who had Tradition robbed from them in the 1950-70s did not know where it was leading. We have seen the horror, the indignity, the weakness, and inappropriateness of the Novus Ordo. In essence it is still Christ’s awesome Holy Sacrifice of Calvary; but what man has done to His Memorial is a faithless insult to God.

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