THE GODLESS DELUSION: Truckers Bring God Back to Canada

THE GODLESS DELUSION: Truckers Bring God Back to Canada

Michael Matt

2 years

YouTube takes RTV down again, and in this episode of The Remnant Underground Michael J. Matt wants to know why. What is it about RTV that threatens Big Tech?

Plus, a closer look at the lessons learned from Canada’s historic pushback against the New World Order. The Freedom Convoy is the last best hope for nation and family, but what about faith?  

Michael points to Canadian truckers praying together, even during faceoffs with law enforcement. Is God making a Canadian comeback?

Pointing to disturbing scenes of lockdown, insanity, and violence in our streets, Michael asks:  Is this merely a political problem, or is it indicative of something more fundamental, such as our society’s total abandonment of the very idea of law and order based on God’s law?

With demons walking among us, when do we turn back to God for help?  Why is God never mentioned, even by the good guys?  

Hey, Fox News Channel: Is it against some unspoken rule for you guys to speak God’s name?

Given the lockdown and the rise of neo-Communism at the global level, Michael argues that it is time for us to face the “Godless delusion” before our nation dies and goes to hell.

Don’t miss Michael’s impassioned call for men to become fearlessly Christian again in this war against the Antichristians.  

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