WOKE CATHOLICS: Cancelling the 10 Commandments

WOKE CATHOLICS: Cancelling the 10 Commandments

Michael Matt

2 years

BREAKING: Pope Francis plants another tree and gets all hot and bothered over climate change again. In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt discusses the cancellation of Christianity in America, especially on Catholic college campuses.

Last month, Michael was disinvited to speak at the Catholic university from which several members of his own family – including his father – have graduated. Michael Matt and Michael Knowles of the Daily Wire were both disinvited lest they should offend the LBGTQ+ community at St. Thomas University. Once one of the national jewels of Catholic higher learning in America, St. Thomas will evidently block anyone from defending the moral teachings of the Catechism of the Catholic Church on campus.

And this is not just a Catholic issue. As the Church swaps out ‘saving the planet’ for ‘saving souls’, George Soros is tweeting out progress reports on what his Foundation is doing to help de-Christianize America and any other country that bases its criminal justice system on the Ten Commandments of God.

What's happening at Catholic universities right now is the death knell of Christian society worldwide, which is why Michael offers an impassioned call to resist this Christophobic reset.  

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