TRUE vs FALSE RELIGION: Does Christ's Teaching Matter Anymore?

TRUE vs FALSE RELIGION: Does Christ's Teaching Matter Anymore?

Michael Matt

2 years

In this special presentation at the Church of St. Augustine in Minnesota, Father John Echert (the original Parking Lot Priest) breaks down the Church's traditional teaching on true religion -- a teaching, by the way, long since abandoned by the Church of Accompaniment. 

Father explains that, in fact, even Jesus Christ did not found a 'new religion', but rather He was the fulfillment of the original true religion.  As such, Christianity is the only true religion in the world today and all others are false. But what about the many variations, sects, and denominations within Christianity itself? 

Well, the reality is that two opposing ideas cannot both be true.  Christian denominations which have opposing teachings on everything from the  Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist to the indissolubility of Marriage cannot all be good and true, and to suggest otherwise is to make a mockery of true religion and indeed a mockery of Jesus Christ Himself, Who is Truth. 

So it's important that we get this right. Our very souls depend on it, in fact. 

In many ways, Father is tackling THE issue of the day since after the Catholic Church reneged on her claim to be the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ, the world fell victim to universal salvationism and a resulting spiritual chaos that insists truth is whatever the individual says it is.  Today, we are arriving at the point where all religions are equally true, which means there is no truth an that all religions are equally false. 

Thus the war on religion and the rise of Godless Globalism. 

So, what is truth? Are all religions true? If not, shouldn't all men on earth be desperately searching for true religion? What do you think? 

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