INTERNATIONAL RESISTANCE: Declaring War on Godless Globalism (Michael Matt on Pilgrimage)

INTERNATIONAL RESISTANCE: Declaring War on Godless Globalism (Michael Matt on Pilgrimage)

Michael Matt

2 years

This unique video presentation takes us into the heart of French resistance along the road to Chartres, where the leader of the US contingent, Michael Matt, explains the massive significance of the international Unite the Clans movement.

As Mr. Matt explains, this year’s demonstration of the youth and vitality of Christian counterrevolution takes place deep inside the Christophobic EU.

This is not a vacation, nor is it a parade or weekend getaway.  It is a physically challenging event that takes place over the course of 3 days and two nights. The participants live on bread and drink water; they sleep on the cold and muddy ground. And their point and purpose is to unite against Modernism, Christophobia, and the Globalist lockdown of humanity -- body, soul, and nation.

Especially relevant this year was that this event was the largest gathering in France since KOVED landed, with some 300 countries represented by nearly 20,000 young people, families, priests and religious – all united beneath the banner of Christ the King, Notre Dame de Chretiente (Our Lady of Christendom), and the Traditional Latin Mass so loathed by Pope Francis. 

It was a massive victory for anyone and everyone experiencing fear and apprehension over the way the world is going right now. And, as Michael Matt lays out via megaphone in this video, it represents a declaration of all-out war for the preservation of the old-world order of Christ the King.

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