TOO LITTLE TOO LATE: Francis Responds to Dobbs Decision

TOO LITTLE TOO LATE: Francis Responds to Dobbs Decision

Michael Matt

2 years

Responding to expressions of outrage in the pro-life movement worldwide, Francis finally broke his silence on the Dobbs decision to reverse Roe v Wade. Keeping in mind that this is supposed to be the world’s moral authority, how can we or anyone else take this seriously?

Veteran Catholic journalist, Bill O’Reilly, nailed it when he said: The Vatican is opposed to abortion, but only on paper. In reality, the Vatican’s lack of conviction on the abortion genocide is laughable.

In an obvious effort to discredit Archbishop Cordileone, Francis also told the world that political correctness trumps morality, as he once again goes back to the “Pope of Mercy” schtick. But Michael Matt, from the Remnant Underground, argues that there’s nothing more unpastoral than covering the truth for the sake of winning human respect. This is false mercy and false charity.

In the last Remnant Underground, Michael Matt pointed out that Francis had not responded to Roe. In this follow-up, Michael argues that this belated Papal response is too little too late.

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