RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS: Francis in Canada and the Rest of the Story

RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS: Francis in Canada and the Rest of the Story

Michael Matt

1 year

In this week's Remnant Underground, Michael Matt discusses Pope Francis's week-long 'Pilgrimage of Repentance" to Canada (begins tomorrow,  July 24, 2022).

Question is: What is Francis apologizing for... exactly?  Is the pope who famously said "atheists go to heaven" apologizing for actual abuse of indigenous children, or is this something of a smokescreen for a papal apology for the Catholic Church's missionary activity, which in Trudeau's Canada means "racism, colonialism, and cultural repression"?

Michael takes a deep dive into the history of the Residential Schools, the allegations of abuse, and the thing nobody seems willing to talk about: Indigenous Canadians who attended the Residential Schools but who have an entirely different take on what actually happened.

Are there really mass graves of children killed by wicked priests and nuns in Canada, or is this more of the same fake news that claims Christopher Columbus was a racist and the Freedom Convoy was run by a bunch of Nazis?

By the way, Francis is quick to apologize for long-dead faceless and nameless priests who can't defend themselves, but what about his own alleged coverups of sexual abuse?

What's really going on here, and is anyone interested in the truth?

Get ready to have the narrative challenged in this comprehensive exposé of a media stunt that will star Francis and Trudeau as they drag the Catholic Church of the past through the Great Reset mud one more time.


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