TUCKER CARLSON: This is a battle between good and evil, a spiritual war

TUCKER CARLSON: "This is a battle between good and evil, a spiritual war"

Michael Matt

1 year

Over the course of the past few years, Michael Matt has been calling on mainstream conservative voices to finally admit that every crisis we face today -- culturally and politically -- is a consequence of our society's declared war against God.

The Left is at war on us because the Left is at war with God.

The Left is at war with the unborn because the Left is at war with the Author of Life.

The Left is at war with law and order because the Left is at war with the Ten Commandments of God.

And the sooner we "get real" about this, the sooner we will come up with the tools needed to defeat the agents of chaos who are at war with us, the family, and God Himself.

Michael Matt has called on men such as Tucker Carlson, for example, to use their considerable influence to wake the masses to the fact that until Christ's kingship is proclaimed, the world will continue to languish in war and chaos.

The good news? A couple of days ago, Tucker Carlson declared that spiritual war on the Godless Left.

In this excerpt from the latest Remnant Underground, Michael uses the Carlson declaration to drive home the traditionalist argument regarding a counterrevolution that LEADS with God rather than merely tolerating Him as a nice thing to talk about on Sunday mornings in America.

The spiritual war is on. Unite the clans!

Full Remnant Underground Episode: https://youtu.be/mng3j96wuB

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