CHRISTIAN GENOCIDE: The UN Push to End National Sovereignty Worldwide

CHRISTIAN GENOCIDE: The UN Push to End National Sovereignty Worldwide

Michael Matt

1 year

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In this edition of The Remnant Underground, Michael Matt takes a look at current events, including Monkeypox, the crisis in Sri Lanka, and the Great Reset’s war on famers in the Netherlands.

As food shortages loom, the WEF is saying “Let them eat bugs,” while Gates and Pope Francis tell the world to “stop eating red meat!” What’s going on here? This looks a lot like controlled chaos.

Meanwhile, a United Nations initiative would have sovereign nations erase their borders and hand their land over to the indigenous people from whom it was “stolen”. You want to know the real reason Francis just had to apologize for the Church’s “genocide” in Canada? Well, this is it!

Plus, Michael Matt on Newsmax has an exchange that should give the Vatican pause since it adds further evidence that thinking patriots everywhere have had enough of Francis and his twisted alliance with the builders of the new global order.

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