VATICAN II, DOA: Pope Benedict BLASTS Disastrous Council

VATICAN II, DOA: Pope Benedict BLASTS Disastrous Council

Michael Matt

1 year

Full Video: VATICAN SHMATICAN: Shia LaBeouf Schools Pope Francis:

In this Remnant Spotlight, Michael Matt blows the whistle on the Vatican's FAKE NEWS that Catholics today embrace Vatican II and the liturgical revolution of 1969 -- the Catholic Church's Woodstock moment.

In reality, three quarters of all American Catholics today reject the New Mass out of hand! Recent studies show that about 70 million American Catholics no longer even bother attending Sunday Mass.

So, do traditional Catholics reject Vatican II, as Francis claims? Well, let's hope so. On February 14, 2013, even Francis's own immediate predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, said that Vatican II had been hijacked, and that as such it had caused "so many calamities" in the Church as "seminaries closed," millions left the Church, and, says Benedict, Vatican II "trivialized the liturgy!"

So, forgive my French, but what the HELL is Francis talking about?

The vast majority of Catholics today have simply left the Church, primarily because of the failed experiments knowns as Vatican II and the New Mass.

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