THE LATIN MASS: Why Is Pope Francis Canceling This?

THE LATIN MASS: Why Is Pope Francis Canceling This?

Michael Matt

1 year

In this RTV Short, we attempt to offer those who perhaps are not Catholic or who do not have access to the Latin Mass, to gain a better understanding of what it is and why traditional Catholics will defend it with their lives if they have to. It can be defined as the "unbloody sacrifice of Calvary," and it has been described as the "most beautiful thing this side of heaven."

However one describes it, as you watch Bishop Athanasius Schneider celebrate this Latin Mass, ask yourself: Why does Francis seek to cancel this Mass -- the Mass that dates back in its essential elements to apostolic times, the Mass that was celebrated aboard ship before the Battle of Lepanto, the Mass celebrated in secret in the woods of the Vendee, in England during the Elizabethan persecutions, and in Ireland at the "Mass rocks" during the troubles, the Mass of Thomas Aquinas, the Mass of Joan of Arc, the Mass for which the Cristeros laid down their lives?

Why indeed!

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