BACK to the FRONT: Michael Matt Speaks at Women’s Conference

BACK to the FRONT: Michael Matt Speaks at Women’s Conference

Michael Matt

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Michael Matt Speaks at Women’s Conference: The Frontline in the Battle of Our Lives

Michael Matt gives the keynote address to a women’s conference hosted by “Restore Tradition”, an organization based in Littleton, CO. Register for their 2023 event here.

Is this the worst time in Salvation history? Maybe, but maybe not. Remember how it all began? Remember the lions, the catacombs, the French Revolution, the Carlists in Spain, the Cristeros in Mexico?

Although the evil regimes we face today seem to be gaining ground, there is still much we can do with the time we have.

Don’t be shocked by the attacks from Hell against the Children of Light. Hell has always been at war with the Cross. If the New World Order is to rise, it will do so from the ashes of a burned-out Church. But the Church will never be gone, so long as we stand up and say, “Not on our watch! This is OUR Church, and no entity will drive us from it!”

It’s nearly impossible, at a time like this, to take your Faith for granted. Yes, there’s a challenge, but also a benefit for us, because we see so clearly that we must stay engaged or we’ll lose everything.

So, look to the persecutions that have come before, and take heart in the knowledge that Catholics always persevered and came out the other side. Look to the hero saints, martyrs, priests, bishops, even popes, who set the example and the standard by which we continue their fight today.

Pope Pius XI, at the height of the world’s great clash between Nazism and Communism, didn’t lose sight of what exactly had to be done. He penned an encyclical, Quas Primas, in which he fired the Church’s volley into the heart of the wreckage that had been made of the world – a call to restore the King to His Throne: If there is to be hope for the Church and the World, Christ must reign. 

So, with all the militancy, conviction, and passion we can muster, we intend to fight this Holy War. An army of Christ’s soldiers – of the Children of Light – face off against the legions… legions who, however cunning, however cruel, always lose in the end.  

Long live Christ the King!


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