From Bilderberg to Bergoglio: The Plot to Cancel God

From Bilderberg to Bergoglio: The Plot to Cancel God

Michael Matt

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The Zelensky Road Show to Rome – what’s it all about and what was Putin’s response? Not to be outdone, the Bilderberg Group hosts a secret meeting to discuss Artificial Intelligence’s role in building a new geopolitical order.

Meanwhile, Bishop Joseph Strickland speaks out against the agenda of Pope Francis in Rome, actor Richard Dreyfuss speaks out against the Davos agenda in Hollywood, and Jim Caviezel speaks out against the swamp in Washington.

Question: Why are so many Minnesotans leaving the state en masse? Could it have anything to do with woke Dems setting up a new Gestapo in the ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes”?  

Also, in this week’s Remnant Underground, Michael Matt makes several important announcements, including an historic first: For the first time ever, the Pilgrimage from Paris to Chartres has officially sold out. With 28 countries represented, 25,000 Catholics on the Road to Chartres will demonstrate that Pope Francis is the best recruiting agent traditional Catholicism has ever had.

Plus, Michael announces the 2023 Catholic Identity Conference’s Friday night keynote address speaker. Have you registered yet?

Finally, Michael asks the exact same question that St Edmund Campion asked 500 years ago before he returned to England. Can you guess what that question would be?


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