HELL’S LAST STAND: Globalism’s War on The Family (The Remnant Underground)

HELL’S LAST STAND: Globalism’s War on The Family (The Remnant Underground)

Michael Matt

10 months

In this edition of The Remnant Underground, Michael puts the fourth indictment of Donald Trump into perspective, noting that this has little to do with Trump and everything to do with the Globalists’ plot to cancel America.

To that end, this episode also includes an impassioned plea from Michael Matt to stand and defend the family. As the entire Globalist experiment is all about cancelling marriage and the family, nothing is more important than that.   

Speaking of diabolical Globalist insanity, the Little Ferret is creating a culture of death up in Canada not seen on the world stage since the days of Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse-tung. Hope is so dead in Canada, in fact, a substantial minority of Canadians now think the homeless and the poor should get help from the government in terminating their lives.

Hell just froze over. . . Michael Matt ACTUALLY agrees with Jeffrey Sachs, who absolutely obliterates the Neocon/Globalist war in Ukraine which, says Sachs, is now wiping out hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians in the name of NATO expansionism.

Good news? Raymond Arroyo and Mother Angelica take World Youth Day to the mat – the latter in 1993, the former in 2023!

More good news? The Latin Mass movement is teeming with new life – no, literally. Michael shares a clip he took of his own oratory at Sunday morning Mass. The clip went viral on Twitter, and Michael suggests this is why the Globalists feel so threatened by Latin Mass Catholics.

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