BETRAYED: Francis Teams Up with Bill Clinton

BETRAYED: Francis Teams Up with Bill Clinton

Michael Matt

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First Pope Francis endorses Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, and now the “Prophet of the WEF” – Yuval Noah Harari – calls for a new and corrected Bible written by an artificial intelligence which will finally get the Word of God right.

Any objection from the pope? Nope! But these days, even some rappers and classic movie stars sound more Catholic than the pope.

Under Pope Paul VI, he investigated Freemasonry inside the Vatican and wrote a book about it, so does Father Charles Murr think Pope Francis is the pope?

Meanwhile, back at the funny farm: Live from New York, it’s The Bill & Francis Show. Pope Francis and Pro-Abort Bill Clinton collaborate to save the world. And for these two birds of a feather, Christ the King has nothing to do with any of it.

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