POPE U.N.plugged: Return of the Old World Order

POPE U.N.plugged: Return of the Old World Order

Michael Matt

3 years

NEW NORMAL UPDATE: Priest calls the cops on his parishioner for not wearing a mask. (You won't believe what happens next.)  

Congratulations to Father Jonathan Morris, Fox News religion analyst. Thanks to a special dispensation from Francis, young Jonathan is getting married!

From The Editor's Desk, Michael takes a closer look the moral, spiritual and economic lockdown of America and asks probing questions about what's really going on.

For example, as the number of Covid deaths declines dramatically why are masks becoming mandatory now when,  back in April--when there were 3,000 deaths per day--masks were optional?

What's changed and what's it mean?

Other questions:

With the country erupting into riots and insurrection against history, order and the Christian religion, where has Pope Francis been?

Does the Vatican want Joe Biden to win in November?

Plus, video of a personal representative of the Pope suddenly becomes extremely interesting, since that same man has recently become an outspoken proponent of the traditional Catholicism. 

Are the winds of change blowing against the Francis Revolution?

Finally, Michael comments on the Pope's meeting with the Secretary-General of the UN, at which the pope received accolades and glowing praise for conforming the Catholic Church to the UN's Agenda Development Goals 2030.

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