AMERICA in TWILIGHT: Calling All Patriots

AMERICA in TWILIGHT: Calling All Patriots

Michael Matt

3 years

Michael J. Matt makes an impassioned plea for all Americans to come to the aid of our country. What's happening to the United States right now transcends political parties, religious affiliation, gender and race. If you love America, you must understand what going to happen to her in 2021.

Senator John Kerry (another apostate Catholic) told the World Economic Forum that Joe Biden, if sworn in, will make the Great Reset a top priority. But does Sen. Kerry even understand what that means? Do you?

STOP THE STEAL RALLY | Saturday, Dec 5 at 12pm | State Capitol Building | Event page:

Plus, World Economic Forum head honcho, Klaus Schwab, says the COVID pandemic is the least deadly pandemic in 2000 years. If that's true then why are they shutting down the country again? Why has Joe Biden promised to mask up America for the first one hundred days of his administration? Why are the schools, bars and restaurants closed again? Michael does a deep dive into Klaus Schwab's two recent books on the coming Reset in order to answer these questions and, whether you're Democrat, Republican or Libertarian, you need to know what's coming.

Article for reference:

Americans -- regardless of party affiliation -- must understand what these anti-American elitists have in mind... if there's any chance of returning to normal life.

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