LOCKDOWN MELTDOWN: America Fights Back

LOCKDOWN MELTDOWN: America Fights Back

Michael Matt

4 years

Question: If opening the country and sending Americans back to work is going to skyrocket the curve, why would President Trump want to do it?  He'll be crucified for it, and he'll pay the price in November.

Plus, when even the ultra-liberal apostate Bill Maher is denouncing this thing as media-driven con game, maybe it's safe to say the globalists have jumped the shark on this one. 

Question: Since New York's hospital system never collapsed, and they've now released the last Covid patients from the Javits Center, why are the "experts" still telling us we'll never go back to normal, never shake hands and  never go to another football game?

Why are the "experts" trying to terrorize America?

A new RINO video was released this week and seems to confirm what until recently was a "paranoid conspiracy theory". The video blames Trump for every Covid death and warns that, if Trump wins in November, America will be destroyed. 

Get ready for more of that all summer long!

By the way, will the American bishops ban Communion in on the tongue?

And, finally, Michael Matt comments on his experience at last Sunday's "Open America" rally in St. Paul, Minnesota. Are these protesters unwittingly rejecting the very same Christophobes who've been trying to destroy the Catholic Church for the past hundred years? Are they asymptomatic traditionalists?  Is a massive coalition forming in this country?  If so, it would be a wake-up screaming nightmare for a lot of people, including Gates, Soros and Bergoglio.

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