ELON MUSK: A Lost Boy in Post-Christian Neverland

ELON MUSK: A Lost Boy in Post-Christian Neverland

Michael Matt

2 years

What is the ESG and how is Klaus Schwab using it to empower Microsoft and bury Tesla?

In this edition of The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt discusses Elon Musk -- one of the Lost Boys of the post-Christian Neverland.

He doesn't even believe in God and yet the Left hates Musk almost as much as they hate God. Why? Michael says he knows exactly why!

Plus, it's a small world after all and Ron DeSantis wins a round against woke corporate Disney. Now what, Mr. Schwab?

As the Chinese are caged and treated like animals in Shanghai, Pope Francis pursues a deal with their Communist wardens and then.... plants another friggin' tree.

Finally, as the world begins to understand (to their horror!) what the Great Reset crowd has in store for them, Michael encourages all believing Christians to seize the opportunity to point to the Light of Christ as the only way out of the New World Order darkness.

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